~ Clawhammer Workshops with Adam Hurt ~
~ Flatpick Guitar Workshops with Adam Schlenker ~
~ Mandolin Workshops with Tristan Scroggins (Beginner and Int/Adv) ~

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Clawhammer Banjo - Workshops with Adam Hurt
Presented by Nashville Acoustic Camps
Mondays - June 12th, 19th, 26th and July 3rd
7:30pm Central (8:30pm Eastern)

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Here's what Adam has to say about this upcoming class series...

By popular request: come learn some favorite tunes from my newer “Back to the Earth” album of gourd banjo music! This workshop series for intermediate to advanced clawhammer banjo players will cover the basic settings of Bowback, Biddy, Lily of the Valley, and Waiting for the Boatsman, with additional material to possibly be covered as there is time. Since not everyone owns a gourd banjo or similar low-tuned instrument, and since not all banjos of this type can be tuned the same way, I plan to teach the repertoire on a standard-tuned fretted banjo. After we finish learning each tune, I will demonstrate it on my low-tuned fretless gourd banjo, discuss considerations particular to such banjos, and invite questions about the material in a fretless or low-tuned context.

The classes will be taught completely by ear with clear demonstration by me and much repetition as a group. Tablature will be provided as a memory aid, but not until AFTER each class session has finished. Not used to learning by ear? Have no fear! I break tunes into manageable-length segments for clean rhythmic looping, isolating unique content. This approach enables us to focus on the material that truly matters and is the most challenging, while bypassing any sections of music that are recycled from elsewhere. We will move slowly and cover all important left- and right-hand behavior so that nothing is left to chance. Since videos from the Zoom sessions are made available to all participants, you can go back over anything that was out of reach when presented in real-time—again and again, without the pressure of having to “master” material by the time that each class session ends.

In order to get the most out of this workshop series, I recommend that all participants have a solid command of the fundamentals of the clawhammer style, including drop-thumbing, as we will not be reworking basic technique. We will be using multiple tunings over the course of our case-study repertoire, so facility with more than one tuning is imperative for all participants, as is a willingness to either capo at the second fret or tune the entire banjo up to the equivalent of capoing at the second fret for tunes played in the higher keys. Some familiarity with the gEADE “Sandy River Belle” tuning is helpful but not essential. Each class session will last for roughly 75 minutes, and participants will be muted for the entire period, the better for everyone to feel comfortable playing along with me and trying new things.

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Time to Level Up - Flatpick Guitar Workshops
with Adam Schlenker
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Mandolin - Bluegrass Skill Builder Workshops
with Tristan Scroggins
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