Nashville Beginner Jam Camp

Thursday through Sunday, October 8-11, 2020
Registration opens June 1, 2020 9am Central

Registration Update - 2 spots left

Fiddles, banjos, mandolins, guitars, Dobros, and basses welcome! Beginners encouraged.
This camp is for novice players who are looking to experience playing with other people, maybe even for the very first time.
It's totally fine if you're new at playing bluegrass, or even your instrument. That's what we're here for.

Megan Lynch Chowning ~ Grace van't Hof ~ Adam Schlenker ~ Ellie Hakanson ~ Jeff Burke ~ Vickie Vaughn

*2020 Camp instructors include Megan Lynch Chowning (fiddle and vocals), Grace van't Hof (banjo and vocals), Adam Schlenker (guitar, mandolin, and vocals), Ellie Hakanson (fiddle and vocals), Jeff Burke (guitar, mandolin, vocals, and overall beginner jam skills) and Vickie Vaughn (bass and general enthusiasm). Click on any of their names to learn more about how incredible they are. These instructors have been chosen for their patience and experience with newer players. Every one of them has taught brand new adult players to successfully play music with other people. They are simultaneously experts at their own instruments as well as experts at bringing people along slowly but surely and building confidence along the way.

*Dates for Nashville Beginner Jam Camp are Thursday through Sunday, October 8-11, 2020

*This camp will focus on bluegrass-style jamming and will draw on traditional bluegrass songs and tunes.

*Registration will be first come, first picked, and numbers will be updated in real time on the home page and registration page. Unlike the intermediate/advanced camps, we are not going to try to get equal numbers of each instrument. We'll be able to work on building a good jamming foundation no matter how many of each instrument we get.

*You can visit the legendary Carter Vintage Guitars and The Violin Shop in downtown Nashville, TN for an amazing shopping and picking experience.

*The price for on-site lodging, tuition, and food is a mere $850. The price for traveling to and fro each day (we call this being a "day camper" which includes tuition, lunch, and snack) is $650. Add on meal plans for day campers are also available.

*We will lead a field trip to Nashville for a fabulous concert or musical experience.

*Be ready to register on June 1st - with only 15 spots time is of the essence...

This is unlike any camp you've ever encountered...

In the hills just above Nashville, TN there is a house set back in the woods where people go in the late fall to learn how to jam and play bluegrass music from some of the greatest players and instructors in the known universe.

Only 15 campers are allowed to attend so each class is small and every camper comes away feeling like he or she had a couple of days of private lessons. And yet, friendships are made that last a lifetime. It's pretty magical. Teachers are chosen because they are able to make special connections with their students. Meals are handmade and generally pretty southern and always delicious. You will stay on-site or travel from your home each day and learn from the masters.

This camp will be a little different than many of our other Nashville Acoustic Camps because we are bringing several instruments together to learn to play music as an ensemble. Jam classes will be grouped together by experience levels with a mix of instruments and led by an instructor. We'll also be doing a lot of singing. Lead singing, harmony singing, we'll work on it all. On Sunday of camp you'll have the opportunity to record your jam group along with any of the instructors with a real Nashville recording engineer. We plan to offer bass instruction for everyone at camp, (we'll provide a few basses for everyone to share) since we don't expect to get many, if any, bass players to sign up for camp. But we'd like to make bass players out of everyone who does come. We are so excited about this new format - bringing all the instruments and voices together to share a Nashville Acoustic Camp experience!

Nashville is only a stone's throw away so there are always field trips into town to see a great concert or visit a traditional music hotspot.

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